Digitization Technique Guidelines

After years of effort, TELDAP has developed the digitization techniques in various fields of expertise. We have worked hard to record the digitization procedures of all the organizations and institutions involved in digitizing their treasures. The purpose of these digitization procedures guidelines is to forge specific guidelines for the digitization of different kind of archival material, determine priorities in digitization work, establish metadata, computer programs needed for digitization and the long-term preservation of digital material. In order to strengthen international exchange in digital archival work, we have now translated twelve digitization procedures guidelines into English. By doing so, we hope to share our digitization experiences and spur cooperation in digitization work in future years. 


String-Bound Book      Painting and Calligraphy
Ceramics   Integrated Operation Procedures
Color Management   Seal and Imprint
A Starter’s Guide to Linguistic Corpora   Archaeological Data
Vascular Plants   Maps and GIS
Underwater Video   Chinese Classics Full Text Database