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1. Ceramic plate and eight different fruits
(Matching tags: pottery,Ming dynasty,Ching Dynasty,Chen Mingyuan)
Chen Mingyuan was a famous pottery maker in Yixin, Jiangsu Province at the end of the Ming and beginning of the Qing dynasty. His craftsmanship, style, sculpting, carving and coloring were outstanding. ...
2. Shin-wan pottery, gods of the sun and the moon
(Matching tags: pottery,Ching Dynasty,Shiwan)
This group of objects was fired by the Shiwan pottery craft master Wen Rubi during the Qing dynasty. Rubi Wen devoted his whole life to promote Shiwan Pottery. His craftsmanship was consummate, and every ...
3. Splendors of Ching Furniture
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,furniture,Ching Dynasty)
Furniture is an art form combining both aesthetic with pragmatic qualities. Like the features of one's face, once the location and features of the eyes and mouth have been established, a whole ...
4. Arts from the Ch’ing Imperial Collection
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,curio box,Ching Dynasty)
Every museum has its unique historical background and compositional structure. The contents of a museum's collection and exhibits are dictated in part by such factors, and the objects in its holdings are ...