Privatization Project of Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corp.

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Since 1989, the government started to promote the privatization of government-owned enterprises and policies such as free competition between public and private enterprises. On July 23, 1991, the Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corp. became one of the first government-owned institutions slated for privatization by the Executive Yuan. In 1999, due to the downsizing of Taiwan Province Government, the company was integrated into the Ministry of Economic Affairs and became a government-owned enterprise. In October, 2001, the company was bought by all its employees and was thus officially privatized; it also assumed the current name of “Hsing Chung Paper Corp.” The project compiled documents on a series of privatization plans since January of 2000, including the plan to streamline 160 employees and provide them with re-employment counseling; what the financial assistance will be in the privatization plan and how to repay the company’s debts by the State-owned Enterprise Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs; the amendments of the equity terms regarding selling company shares to the contract employees; the cooperation between the company and the China Productivity Center in the privatization plan; etc. These documents give insight to the planning and implementation of privatizing Chung Hsing Paper Corp. the year before it officially happened. These important historical material can be used to explore the privatization process of Chung Hsing Paper Corp. 


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Taiwan Industrial and Economic Documents Digital Archives Program I. Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corp.