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Fragment of a squatting human figure, with vertical slot on the back (殘大理石抱膝人像)

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Unearthed from Daliankeng in the northern part of the temple-palace complex of Xiaotun, the figure is missing the parts above the chest and below the ankles. In a peculiar posture, the figure sits with legs apart and folded, held tightly against the chest by its hands, placed just beneath the knees. Swirling patterns adorn its arms and legs, with an animal mask motif in shallow engraved lines near the groin. A vertical slot runs along the back of the figure, making it similar to the standing owl and anthropomorphic figure with a tiger head from Tomb No. 1001 and possibly an architectural accessory.

Height 8.6、Length 12.0、Diameter 10.0cm,Weight 1.6kg

Trench Daliankeng, Xiaotun



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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