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Sculpture in the shape of two crouching tigers (大理石對尾雙伏獸形立雕)

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A unique marble sculpture that shows two crouching animals joined at the hips. The sculpture weighs almost 100 kg, and its flat shape suggests it could have been used as a seat. Judging from the teeth, eyes, eyebrows, and claws, these animals may be representations of tigers. The protruding snouts and forelimbs of the animals form the two ends of the object; similar arrangements are also seen in the three inlaid wooden palettes found in the tomb (see adjacent wall for images of the slates). The sculpture is covered with carefully arranged decorations in low relief. On the side of each forelimb is a hole that leads to two grooves at the bottom of the sculpture. These features may have been designed for looping ropes around the object in order to lift it.

Height 2.7、Length 84.7、Diameter 41.2cm,Weight 99.8kg

Fill of looters’ pit, Xibeigang Tomb No. 1001



Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

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