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Solegnathus hardwickii 哈氏柄頜海龍

Scientific Name:     Solegnathus hardwickii       
Nomenclater:     (Gray, 1830)
Family:     F295  Syngnathidae
Holotype-Locality:     China 
Habitats:     Coral、Benthos、Coastal     
Economic Fish:     No
Habitats Depth:     20 - 100 M     
Aquarium Fish:     Yes
Poisonous Fish:     No     
Edible Fish:     No
Synonyms:     Solegnathus hardwicki, Solegnathus polyprion, Solenognathus hardwickii, Syngnathus hardwickii  
Reference:     Shen, S. C. , S. C. Lee, K. T. Shao, H. C. Mao, C. H. Chen, C. C. Chen, C. S. Tzeng. 1993. Fishes of Taiwan. Dept. Zool., Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taipei. xx + 960 pp., pls. 310. (in Chinese) Froese, R. and D. Pauly. Editors. 2004. FishBase. World Wide Web ele  沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 Carpenter, K. E. etc. 1999 Nakabo T. 2002  文獻
Redlist Status:     IUCN Redlist: Vulnerable(VU)  
Common Name in Engulish:     Pipehorse; Bared-tail seahorse; Hardwicke's pipefish
Chinese Name transliteration:     shih bing ge hai long, ha shih dao hai long, hai long
Distribution in Taiwan:     South
Distribution in World:     India Ocean to West Pacific Ocean
Max Lenth:      40 cm
Specimen List:      ASIZP0055356. FRIP01050. NTMP1216.  Download 3 records Download 3 records
Characteristic:     Body typically slender and elongate, without scales, encased in a series of bony rings; surfaces largely tuberculate; anterior postdorsal part of tail not oval in cross-section. Superior trunk and tail ridges discontinuous; inferior trunk and tail ridges continuous; lateral trunk ridge confluent with lateral and superior tail ridge. Snout long, compressed laterally,the median dorsal snout ridge poorly defined; opercle without a distinct longitudinal ridge; scutella conizal, not clearly elevated or keel-like in lateral aspect; without dermal flaps. Rings 24-26 + 53-57, darsal-fin rays 40-51, pectoral-fin rays 23-26. Superior ridges of trunk and anterior third of tail margined, dorsolateally, with dark brpwn or black.
Habitats:     Found on the continental shelf.
Distribution:     Western Indian Ocean: Mauritius. Western Pacific: South China Sea north to southern Japan, south to northern Australia. It is found in southwestern Taiwanese waters.
Utility:     No commercial value. 



Text and images are provided by The Fish Datebase of Taiwan (Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)