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Onychostoma alticorpus 高身白甲魚


Scientific Name:    Onychostoma alticorpus    
Nomenclater:    (Oshima, 1920)
Family:    F102  Cyprinidae
Holotype-Locality:    Burako R., Ako, Taiwan
Habitats:    Fresh Water      
Economic Fish:     No
Habitats Depth:    0 - 10 M      
Aquarium Fish:     Yes
Poisonous Fish:    No      
Edible Fish:     Yes
Synonyms:    Onychostoma alticorps, Onychostoma alticorpus, Scaphesthes alticorpus, Scaphiodontella alticorpus  
Reference:      Oshima, M. 1920 沈世傑 編 Shih-Chieh Shen ed. 1993 蘇六裕 1993 陳義雄,方力行 1999 Han, C. C. etc. 2000 Han, C. C. etc. 2000 陳義雄, 張詠青, 邵廣昭 2005 
Redlist Status:    IUCN Redlist: Endangered(EN)  
Common Name in Engulish:    Sharp-jaw barbel; Taiwan ku fish; Deep-body shovelnose minnow
Chinese Name transliteration:    Gao ti bai jia yu
Distribution in Taiwan:    East、South
Distribution in World:    Taiwan
Max Lenth:     50 cm
Specimen List:     ANSP49948Holotype.



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