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Cyclommatus asahinai (Kurosawa)

Cycolmmatus asahinai (Kurosawa) is an endemic species of Taiwan. Body length 20 - 48 mm in male, 16 - 26 mm in female. Body color shining red-brown.  Both side of pronotum with black stripes. Several sculpted marks on both side of head in larger individuals, tips of male mandibles crotched. Color of female body yellow-brown, elytra and pronotum with longitudinal black stripes, one black stripes on the connecting area of elytra and central of pronotum. Adults appear in May - September. Distribution: throughout the  low altitude mountains in Taiwan.

Category:teaching specimen
Chinese name:豔細身翅鍬形蟲
Scientific name:Cyclommatus asahinai (Kurosawa)
English name:Red stag beetle
Author:Tsung ju Tsai



Department and graduate Institute of Entomology
National Taiwan University