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Atrophaneura horishana (Matsumura)

Atrophaneura horishana is an endemic species of Taiwan. Wingspan length 90 - 120mm. Hind-wings without tail in both male and female. Wings black with large pink area on ventral side of hind-wings and two rows of small black spots within; female usually lighter in color. Larvae feed on Taiwanese birthwort (Aristolochia shimadai (Hayata)) and Ryukyu birthwort (A. liukiuensis (Hutusima)). Adults appear in July - September. Distribution: throughout the mountains of altitude 1,000 - 2,500 m in Taiwan. (Protected species II: Rare and valuable species)

Category:teaching specimen
Chinese name:曙鳳蝶
Scientific name:Atrophaneura horishana (Matsumura)
English name:Highland red-belly swallowtail butterfly
Author:Tsung ju Tsai



Department and graduate Institute of Entomology
National Taiwan University