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Maria’s Worries: The Endless War between Workers and Employers

Since the enforcement of Employment Services Act in 1992, the introduction of foreign laborers (including in-home caregivers and housekeepers) has been going on for 18 years. However, they have not been given legal holidays due to the special requirements of their work. Unlike other types of foreign laborers, foreign domestic workers are not covered by the Labor Standards Act. 

Rare Collections: short coat for men from the Taus/Yamis

According to the statistic of Council of Indigenous People, Executive Yuan, in November 2009, the Tau tribe, who migrated to the Orchid Island, southeast of Taiwan, hundreds of years ago, now amount to 3,719 people.  Though Tau people belong to Malayo-Polynesian clan as well as all other Austronesian aborigines in Taiwan, they stood out distinctively different from others in their cultural presentation.  

Encounters Across Time and Space – The Folk Artist Digital Museum

This is the story of a series of encounters: In Taipei, elementary school kids play melodies by master composer Lee Tai-hsiang on recorders; In Douliu, Yunlin County, junior high schoolers sing folk songs from the 1970s; In Hualien, children replicate masterpieces by the great sculptor Yuyu Yang with their scissors.

Old Yeh: The Figure

Old Yeh was not my biological father, but he was as kind to me as any father could be and inspired me in my quest for literary creation. The first time I picked up Old Yeh from his old residence in Zuoying, Kaohsiung,I had to drive him to Pingdong Art Museum for a speech he was giving.

The Slow Ship Back to Taiwan: Mori Ushinosuke, a Man Who Cared About Taiwanese Aborigines

Mori Ushinosuke (1877-1926?), a thin eighteen year-old with the eyes of an adventurer, travelled to Keelung on a transport vessel loaded with Japanese army when Japan took over Taiwan in 1895.  Although he only studied for one year in senior high school and served as a translator in the Japanese army, he conducted research on Taiwanese aborigines because he had yearned for adventure since he was very young.

The Quest for the River of Gold

The eastern coast of Taiwan is flanked by vast mountains whose summits are perennially shrouded by mist. Off the coast are unfathomable trenches beneath the Pacific Ocean. The topographical variety of the eastern coast, combined with its isolation, has lent mystery to a sundry array of myths and stories.

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