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John Dodd, Li Chunsheng, and the Age of Taiwanese Tea

It was these two men who made Taiwanese tea known world-wide, and brought unprecedented prosperity to Dadaocheng. Their success has won them the title: "Fathers of Taiwanese Tea".

Hill-fish or Tortoise-fish? Confused About the Difference

The _^Shanhai Jing_^ (Classic of the Mountains and Seas) writes that Lingyu (Hill-fish) has the face and limbs of a human, the body of a fish, and lives in the sea.

Chenghuang—City God, Judge, and Underworld Official

According to the Book of Rites, the eight gods revered during the zha ceremony are Xianse; Sise; Nong; Youbiaozhui; Maohu; Fang; Shuiyong; and Kunchong. Of the seventh among these, Shuiyong, the classic text explains, “shui means huang (dry moat) and yong means cheng (city wall),” showing the importance given by ancient emperors to moats and walls.

An Expanse of Emerald Green in the Metropolis: Bitan Then and Now

Situated in northern Xindian, Bitan — which means “emerald water” in Mandarin — acquired its appellation from a local resident, Cai Yulin (1892-1990). On its northbound journey, the Bitan leg of the Xindian River covers a vast expanse of deep pools filled with emerald water.

Tamsui Historical Museum—We Are Doing More Than Just Digital Archiving

The Tamsui Community Action Team was founded in 1993 to save local historic sites and streets. Do you think, then, that Zhongzheng Road and Tamsui Old Street were preserved in the end? Sadly not! They were widened instead, and all of the team’s strenuous efforts seemed in vain. That said, however, you can see a change in the Tamsui residents since the development. At least they didn’t transform every little street into a thoroughfare

Carrying Forceps to Sermons—Dr. Mackay’s Journey in Medicine

Long before the period of Japanese rule, one after another many foreigners from different countries set foot on Taiwan. Their purposes might have been for trade, or for invasion. Of these, a great number were Christian missionaries who contributed greatly to modern-day Taiwan’s medicine and education. 

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