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The History of the North-South Railway

1908 marked a significant year in Taiwan’s railway history. Before the Japanese Colonial Period began in 1895, railways in Taiwan were planned and constructed under the rule of Liu Mingchuan, the Governor of Taiwan during the late Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately, due to the strict financial situation during the pre-Japanese Colonial Period, only the Keelung-Taipei and Taipei-Hsinchu lines were completed. 

Bathing Around The World

The first thing a newborn does besides crying is taking a bath. The new baby, eyes closed and wet all over after leaving the mother’s womb, is washed in warm water immediately after birth. The clean, warm feeling is almost as good as being in the mother’s womb.

The Playfulness of Academic Crossover

Before I came in contact with the Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP), I had never thought about the unlimited potential of academic crossover and the many amusing concepts and interesting possibilities hidden within this extensive program. My initial impression was definitely not unfounded. Just try to look at the words “Taiwan e-learning and Digital Archives Program” and think about the kind of associations you can come up with—“super advanced digital technology,” “fragile antiques,” “study sheets,” and what else?

Splendid and Confident – Taiwanese Career Women in the Japanese Colonial Period
The profile of modern career women in Taiwan has gone through a lot of changes over the past hundreds of years. At its very beginning, the type of work done by women was merely family-based handiwork on an avocational level. After the government opened the harbors of Taiwan in the late Qing Dynasty, the flourishing of trade led to an increase in the number of local products being sold and shipped overseas. 
Highlights from the Collection: Taiwan First Expo

The year 1935 marked the 40th anniversary of Japanese colonization in Taiwan.  To show how far Taiwan had progressed under its rule, the colonial government decided to host a large-scale exposition called “Taiwan Expo:  40 Years of Japanese Rule.”  As many as 2,000 people from the government and citizens of Taiwan were called into action after the Governor-General’s Office initiated the preparation work. 

Formosa, the Treasure Island in the Age of Discovery

Between the 15th and 17th centuries, Europeans fleets frequently sailed the seas near Africa, Asia, and the Americas, looking for new trade routes and partners. During their journeys, Europeans discovered a large number of lands previously unknown to them. This period, therefore, was referred to as the Age of Exploration and Great Navigations or the Age of Discovery.

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