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21 The Naxi Romeo and Juliet – An Introduction to the Jifeng Rites in the Naxi Scripture Migration of Youth
22 Ancient Patterns in the Sea: Ancient Fishing Methods—Stone Fish Weirs
23 A Past that Has Witnessed Gratitude and Resentment: The Legend of the Pas-ta’ai
24 Photography, Bicycle, Phonograph – Chief Civil Administrator Goto Shinpei’s LOHAS years
25 Recreating the Passion Towards the Land – Thousand-Mile Trail
26 he Marriage Certificate of Dr. George Leslie Mackay
27 Marriage in Traditional Taiwanese Han Society
28 The Season of Golden Harvest--The Kuroshio Fishing Culture
29 The Old President's Trinkets
30 Year-end Gathering at Baihua Hall—The Classical Chinese Poetry Salon for Taiwan’s Scholar-Gentry
31 Clashes in Monga a Hundred Years Ago—Chronicles of the Gang Leaders of History
32 Balance, Toss, and Flip
33 Nourish the Body, Nourish the Soul–Four Seasons Kitchen
34 Just forgetting to go home──Tadao Kano, a naturalist who stayed in the southern lands forever
35 The Prehistoric Pottery of Lapita Culture in the Pacific
36 William Campbell—A Pioneer in Educating the Visually Impaired Who Won the Heart of the People Through His Appetite
37 Fading Into Insignificance After the Songs Were Sung—The Taiwanese Geishas
38 Clothing Styles in Taipei in the 1930s
39 A Portrait of Taiwanese Figures in the Japanese Colonial Period
40 Prehistoric Lapita Pottery in the Pacific
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