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1. Principal Particulars of 28,000 DWMT Bulk Carrier
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,cargo ship)
The engines of this older style bulk cargo carrier built in the shipyards of Taiwan develop 11550 brake horse power to achieve a cruising speed of 15 knots. Her cruising range is 18000 miles. She uses ...
2. The "Royal Viking Sea"
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,passenger liner)
Remodeled in 1982, this Norwegian passenger liner is owned by the Royal Viking Line and regularly cruises the “inside passenger” on Canada s west coast, north as far as Juneau , Alaska . Royal ...
3. Yamato-I Superconducted Electromagnet-propelled Boat
(Matching tags: craft,battleship,steamship)
This prototype ship is propelled by superconductor electromagnetic thrusters that displace water astern with a powerful magnetic field. The thrusters are silent and produce no vibration. Designed and built ...
4. Liberty Ships
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,cargo)
During the Second World War, the United States built a huge fleet of cargo ships to join the submarine-harried convoys transporting food, soldiers and war materials across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans ...
5. RMS Britannia
(Matching tags: craft,steamship)
HMS Britannia was built by Cunard to sail the lucrative routes between Europe and North America . In addition to her sail power, Britannias coal –burning engines developed 740 horsepower, enough ...
6. The "Titanic"
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,passenger liner)
The Titanic was the largest ship ever built when she was launched in 1912, and was considered unsinkable. However, after just 3 days on her maiden voyage across the north Atlantic , at 11:30 P.M. on April ...
7. The "Queen Mary"
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,passenger liner)
Built at the River Clyde shipyards in Glasgow , Scotland , for many years the majestic Queen Mary was the largest and fastest ocean liner afloat. She is over 1000 feet long and in her day could cruise ...
8. Principal Particulars of 100,000 DWMT Bulk Carrier
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,oil tanker)
Main Engine Type: TMMC-Sulzer 6 RTA 76 Max Output Continuous Rating: 20730 BHP at 92 RPM. Normal Output:19372BHP at 88.8RPM. Speed: Trial 15.5 Knots. Service 14.5 Knots. Cruising Range: 14200 miles. Ships ...
9. Container Ship
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,container ship)
Container ships have the highest efficiency among all cargo vessels for shipping. The transportation system utilizing the container ship involves packing cargo, putting it into standardized containers, ...
10. The "Ever Glory"
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,cargo ship)
This 10000-ton break-bulk carrier is one of the cargo ships that helped Evergreen Marine Corporation establish its business. Ever Glory is diesel-powered and cruises at about 15 knots. The bridge is near ...
11. The "Ever Trust"
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,cargo ship)
Ever Trust is a high speed, supremely functional, multi-purpose dry cargo ship belonging to Evergreen Marine Corporation. In 1984, she was remodeled as a navigation training ship. Ever Trust carries the ...