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1. Hemiphaedusa kuanmini Lee et Wu
(Matching tags: shell,Hemiphaedusa kuanmini)
This item is similar to the Hemiphaedusa odontochila but smaller with an acute apex. There is no indent on the top of the clausilium........
2. Diplommatina tayalis Kuroda
(Matching tags: shell,Diplommatina tayalis)
The shell is dextral and pale yellow in color. The front three whorls are cone-shaped. The body whorl grows narrower and is covered with dense and fine axial ribs. .......  ...
3. Entemnotrochus rumphii
(Matching tags: shell,Entemnotrochus rumphii)
The shell of the Entemnotrochus rumphii is regarded as a living fossil. Its crack is half the length of the perimeter of the shell bottom. The operculum is larger than the aperture.........  ...
4. Cyrenobatissa subsulcata
(Matching tags: shell,clam,Cyrenobatissa subsulcata)
The Cyrenobatissa subsulcata is the largest known clam, its shell is up to 8 cm in length and over 7 cm in height, hence the name. It features a blackish-brown color, slightly round ventral margin, and ...
5. Diplommatina inferocusps
(Matching tags: shell,Diplommatina inferocusps)
The shell of the Diplommatina inferocusps is orange in color, dextral, tough, and minute. The front three whorls are cone-shaped with dense and fine axial ribs, which become less intense at the body whorl........ ...
6. Conus geographus
(Matching tags: shell,Conus geographus)
The shell of the Conus geographus is tube-shaped. The body whorl is covered with reddish-brown meshed patterns and two to three dark brown horizontal straps. .......  ...
7. Macrochlamys hippocastaneum
(Matching tags: shell,Macrochlamys hippocastaneum)
The dextral, thin, and translucent shell of the Macrochlamys hippocastaneum is cone-shaped with a low apex. The coloration ranges from yellowish green to yellowish brown. With six whorls and a low spire,....... ...
8. Diplommatina pseudotayalis
(Matching tags: shell,Diplommatina pseudotayalis)
The dextral shell of the Diplommatina pseudotayalis is pale yellow in color. The front four whorls are cone-shaped, while the rear two are tube-shaped. The axial ribs are fine and dense,.......  ...
9. Cyclophorus formosensis
(Matching tags: shell,Cyclophorus formosensis)
The dextral shell of the Cyclophorus formosensis is a yellowish brown color, with reddish brown stripes in zigzags. The body whorl is also covered with patterned bands. Its peripheral margin has no edge; ...
10. Helicostyla okadai
(Matching tags: shell,Helicostyla okadai)
The cone-shaped shell of the Helicostyla okadai is white in color, with a slightly round apex and glossy surface. ......  ...