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1. Celadon granary jar
(Matching tags: pottery,porcelain,tomb)
Most of these grain jars are made of pottery and porcelain. They are specially made burial objects from the Wu, East Jin, Southern, and Six Dynasties period. Their main purpose is to ensure that the owner ...
2. Hexagon-shaped pillow with floral
(Matching tags: pottery,porcelain,Kitan,Liao dynasty)
The Liao was a governing body established by the nomadic Kitan tribe. After they were assimilated by the Han, their lifestyle changed, and their need for the pottery and porcelain increased. ...  ...
3. Stunning Decorative Porcelains from the Chien-lung reign
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,porcelain,Chien-lung)
The fa-lang-ts'ai porcelains in the collection of the National Palace Museum can be divided into two categories, painted fa-lang-ts'ai porcelains and yang-ts'ai porcelains. Masterpieces of unprecedented ...
4. Worship vase of Siraya People
(Matching tags: porcelain,Siraya,vessel)
Acquired by Pan, Ing-hai (1995, Neime, Kaohsiung County) Collected by Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan A green porcelain vase covered with clear crackle lines. ........  ...