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1. Green Jade Plate with Gold Filament
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,plate,jades,India)
Hindustan jade from northern India is marked by its exquisite workmanship. ......
2. Jade Bi
(Matching tags: jade,plate)
In ancient China there is a belief that heaven is round and earth is rectangular. There is also belief that the sacrifice artifact must resemble the form of its receiver. On this basis, the sacrifice artifact ...
3. Jade Bi
(Matching tags: jade,Song dynasty,plate)
Bi is a disk with round hole in the center. The surface of this artifact is okra yellow and has some black spot of manganese seepage. Cloud patterns are carved throughout the artifact. This is an Song ...
4. Jade Bi
(Matching tags: jade,plate)
This jade plate of the Chijia culture was grayish green, slightly transparent with white spots and dark brown stripes. There is a decoration on the front and back. Even though there is a little damage ...
5. Jade Bi
(Matching tags: jade,plate)
This Liangchu culture jade plate is flat, round and plain, with no decoration. It has a circular hole 4.5 centimeters in diameter in the center, and a spiral design by the hole. The surface and the outer ...