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21. Ethno-Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
It could respond the special culture categories through the usages of plant. Shennong tasted the majority of herbs and classified their usages......  ...
22. Botanists Memorial Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Taiwan is located in the influx of tropical and subtropical zones with a wealth of plant resources. Based on the Flora of Taiwan, there are......  ...
23. Arena Glasshouse
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The main exhibition topic in the Arena Glasshouse is a variety of carnivorous plants, mainly Pitcher plants. The glasshouse simulates a tropical rainforest environment ......  ...
24. Terminalia Catappa Plaza
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
There are numerous Terminalia catappa in this square and the leaves change colour with the seasons. Before autumn, they turn from green into a reddish ......
25. Lotus Pond
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is popularly known as the Water-Lily. This plant is an aquatic perennial, the lotus roots are planted in the soil......  ...
26. Lotus Plaza
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The Lotus Pond is a classic landmark in the Taipei Botanical Garden. Ever summer, the lotus family blossom and the Lotus Plaza is the perfect place......
27. Taxonomic Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The higher plants (also called vascular plants) include the ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. The ferns and gymnosperms are exhibited......  ...
28. Hedge and Associated Border Plants
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Hedge and Associated Border Plants.  ...
29. Chinese Zodiac Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Chinese astrology uses Tiangan Dizhi to designate years consisting of twelve animals, symbolizing the Twelve Branches which is one of main characters......
30. Taiwan Aquatic Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Aquatic plants are unique and exist in many species. Aquatic plants can only grow in water or permanently saturated soil. ......  ...
31. Pinnately Compound Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,pinnate,garden)
Pinnate is a term used to describe feather-like or many-divided features arising from both sides of a common axis in plant structure. ......  ...
32. Endemic plants in Taiwan
(Matching tags: nature,plant)
Endemic plants refer to a species of plants unique to a geological area like Taiwan. Because of Taiwan's unique geographical location, climate, and terrain structure, plants have evolved to create a very ...
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