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41. Early Spring
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,painting,Sung dynasty)
This work, done in 1072, is Kuo's most famous masterpiece. He entitled it "Early Spring," and, accordingly, auspicious clouds on an early spring day appear enveloping the landscape after just ...
42. Storied Mountains and Dense Forests
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,painting,Five Dynasties Period)
Chü-jan, a native of Chiang-ning (modern Nanking), was a monk at the K'ai-yüan Temple who originally specialized in painting the southern scenery of Kiangnan. A student of Tung Yüan, he followed the vanquished ...
43. Magpies and Hare
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,painting,Sung dynasty)
This painting depicts two magpies crying out at a solitary hare. The magpie, relative of the crow, is known for its ingenuity, gregarious nature, and tenacious protection of its territory from intruders. ...
44. Travelers Among Mountains and Streams
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,painting,Sung dynasty)
Fan K'uan, a native of Hua-yüan (modern Yao-hsien) in Shensi province, often traveled the area between the capital and Loyang. Although he was known for his magnanimous character, straightforward personality, ...
45. A Palace Concert
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,painting,Tang dynasty)
This painting shows ten ladies of the inner court sitting around a large rectangular table. Some enjoy tea, while others drink wine. The four figures at the far end seem to be responsible for playing music ...
46. Apricot Trees Sprinkled with Dew
(Matching tags: calligraphy,painting,poetry,Qing dynasty,Fu Ssu-Nien Library)
Qing painting book. A 107-page collection of paintings and calligraphy poems by southern Chinese scholar-officials from period of the Qing dynasty  ......  ...
47. Spinning Ramie Fiber
(Matching tags: painting)
From the clothing and the facial tattoos of the woman pictured in this painting ...... ...
48. Old Road in Fengyuan
(Matching tags: painting)
This artist made excellent use of Western-style watercolor techniques to depict Taiwan’s landscapes. ......
49. A Scene from Danshui
(Matching tags: painting)
A number of artists painted picturesque scenes of Danshui that depicted a road leading straight to the water. ......
50. The Sun Rising Over the Ocean
(Matching tags: painting)
Artist Mei-shu Li painted this work in the latter part of his life. ......
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