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1. Hornblende
(Matching tags: mineral)
Hornblende is an important rock-forming mineral of wide distribution. Hornblende occurs in igneous and metamorphic rocks. ......  ...
2. Barite and Enargite
(Matching tags: mineral)
Barite is a heavy mineral of common occurrence and wide distribution with fine crystals. .....    ...
3. Sulfur
(Matching tags: mineral)
The yellow color of sulfur, ease to burn and unique odour are the conspicuous features of sulfur. .....
4. Stibnite
(Matching tags: mineral)
Stibnite is formed of antimony (Sb) and sulphur (S), and occurs in low-temperature hydrothermal ore deposits, hot spring deposits and volcanic condensates. ......
5. Pyrite (Radiating Form)
(Matching tags: mineral)
Pyrite is also known as “Fool’s Gold”. It is commonly well crystallized and exhibits beautiful crystal forms. ......
6. Native Gold
(Matching tags: mineral)
Naturally occurring native gold frequently contains silver and other metal. ......
7. Rhodonite
(Matching tags: mineral)
As the name implies rhodonite exhibits characteristic rosy pink color. ......
8. Blue Chalcedony
(Matching tags: mineral)
Blue chalcedony from Taiwan contains chrysocolla and is blue in color, for this reason it is called Taiwan sapphire. ......
9. Taiwan Nephrite
(Matching tags: mineral)
“Taiwan jade” is famous all over the world, and yet so far it is only found and mined in Fengtien, Hualien. ......
10. Hokutolite
(Matching tags: mineral)
Hokutolite is a mineral of very rare occurrence world-wide. It crystallizes from precipitation from hot spring water of geothermal valley at Beitou.  ...