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This illustration was drawn from the land utilization conditions of an aerial photo.
2. Old Aerial Photo of Xinzhu Area
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The shape of the Xinzhu airport is revealed to be just like that of a baseball field—a quadrilateral.
This aerial photo shows the natural sights of the Taipei basin 60 years ago, revealing the undeveloped area of eastern Taipei.
4. Map of Taiwan
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This map records administrative borders, villages, transportation, mountain ranges, and rivers, providing information for understanding different facets of Taiwan, ......
5. Survey Plan—The New Irrigation Canal Site in Houli
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This illustration is a large-scale site investigation survey for river remediation planning.
6. Map of Forest Distribution
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This illustration shows the survey and arrangement of state-own lands and indigenous reservations undertaken by the forestry administration during the Japanese colonial period.
7. Irrigation Map of Taichung Prefecture
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Irrigation associations control the distribution of irrigation water for further management and deployment.
8. The Latest Detailed Map of Beiping City
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Precious maps leave detailed records of lives and landscapes underneath a certain historical backdrop.  ...
9. The Gaoping River Remediation Map
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This map exhibits the Japanese colonial government’s remediation project of the Gaoping river.
10. Feng-shan—The Japanese Colonial Period Map of Taiwan
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The Japanese Colonial Period Map of Taiwan is one of the achievements of the Japanese Colonial Government accomplished while undertaking a land survey of Taiwan from 1898-1904.
11. Map of Taiwan and the Penghu Archipelago
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The “Chih-fang-shih” section of the “Hsia-kuan” chapter of the Chou li (Rites of Chou) records that the "Chih-fang-shih  ......