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1. An Ecological Tour of Taiwan
(Matching tags: ecology,geography,Mount Ali,Jade Mountain)
In 1544, when Portuguese sailors first saw Taiwan from the sea, they marveled at the sight and cried out, "Ilha Formosa" ("beautiful island"). At that moment, Taiwan became a part of ...
2. Basalt Columns
(Matching tags: geography,Penghu Archipelago)
The Penghu Archipelago is one of Taiwan’s three volcano groups, where in many places volcanic black basalt has solidified into uniquely regular vertical columns.
3. Liwu River
(Matching tags: geography,Central Cross-Island Highway,Liwu River,Taroko Gorge)
Along Taiwan’s Central Cross-island Highway, the Liwu River has carved the marble cliffs of Taroko Gorge into a dramatically deep and narrow chasm.
4. Gueishan Island
(Matching tags: geography,Gueishan Island)
Lying off the northeastern coast of Taiwan, the volcanic Gueishan (literally, “turtle mountain”) Island bears a striking resemblance to its namesake.
5. Stone Troughs of Laomei
(Matching tags: geography,Laomei)
Covered in thick mats of seaweed that grow every March and April, green fingers of rock reach into the sea near Laomei in the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area.
6. Taiwan's Offshore Islands
(Matching tags: geography,island,tourism)
Are you looking for a place where the waters are clear and the skies are blue, and countless stars stud the sky at night? Or would you like to wander through remote and picturesque fishing villages? Then ...
7. The Beauty of TAIWAN (Views from FORMOSAT-2)
(Matching tags: geography,FORMOSAT-2)
On May 21,2004,the FORMOSAT-2 satellite successfully lifted off to begin Operations in space as Taiwan's space industry launched into a new era. Flying in a sun-synchronous orbit at 891 km above sea level, ...