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1. Botanical Pool
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
There are many wetland environments disappearing because of the high paced growth of the Taiwanese economy. Taipei Botanical Garden ......  ...
2. Ebenaceae
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The family includes trees or erect shrubs, black to dark brown hard wood. The leaves are simple, mostly alternate with an entire margin and leathery. ......
3. Gymnosperms Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Gymnosperms are perennial plants; they mostly grow in temperate zone in large forests. They have evolved since the Paleozoic Era ......
4. Sympetalous Flowers Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
he sympetalous flowers that part of the corolla where the petals are united to form a hollow or funnel-shaped cylinder, perianth tube. ......
5. Economic Crops Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
In general terms, these plants are planted based on needs for daily life. To the people, foodstuff is all-important. In order to produce enough food ......
6. Chinese Classical Literature Botanical Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Since Shi-Jin and Chu-Ci, over 300 varieties of plant life have been mentioned in historical poems, songs and novels. There are 253 species of plant mentioned in the Journey to the West (Xi-You-Ji) ...
7. Odes Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The Shi-Jing was the first major collection of Chinese poetry, also translated variously as the Classic of Chinese Poetry, the Book of Odes 300. ......
8. Ethno-Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
It could respond the special culture categories through the usages of plant. Shennong tasted the majority of herbs and classified their usages......
9. Botanists Memorial Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Taiwan is located in the influx of tropical and subtropical zones with a wealth of plant resources. Based on the Flora of Taiwan, there are......
10. Arena Glasshouse
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The main exhibition topic in the Arena Glasshouse is a variety of carnivorous plants, mainly Pitcher plants. The glasshouse simulates a tropical rainforest environment ......
11. Terminalia Catappa Plaza
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
There are numerous Terminalia catappa in this square and the leaves change colour with the seasons. Before autumn, they turn from green into a reddish ......
12. Lotus Pond
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is popularly known as the Water-Lily. This plant is an aquatic perennial, the lotus roots are planted in the soil......
13. Lotus Plaza
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The Lotus Pond is a classic landmark in the Taipei Botanical Garden. Ever summer, the lotus family blossom and the Lotus Plaza is the perfect place......  ...
14. Taxonomic Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
The higher plants (also called vascular plants) include the ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. The ferns and gymnosperms are exhibited......
15. Hedge and Associated Border Plants
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Hedge and Associated Border Plants.
16. Chinese Zodiac Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Chinese astrology uses Tiangan Dizhi to designate years consisting of twelve animals, symbolizing the Twelve Branches which is one of main characters......
17. Taiwan Aquatic Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,garden)
Aquatic plants are unique and exist in many species. Aquatic plants can only grow in water or permanently saturated soil. ......
18. Pinnately Compound Plants Garden
(Matching tags: plant,pinnate,garden)
Pinnate is a term used to describe feather-like or many-divided features arising from both sides of a common axis in plant structure. ......