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1. Optometry Cabinet
(Matching tags: equipment)
It was used for optometry purpose.
2. Dispensing Rosset for Blood Samples
(Matching tags: equipment)
It was the unique laboratory blood analysis instrument in the world. It used a motor to drive a round plate with the tube of blood sample in it. ......
3. Clinical Bed
(Matching tags: equipment)
This clinical bed is the historical relics of Taiwan Redcross Hospital (later named National Taiwan University Medical School Second Affiliated Hospital, ......
4. Copper Plate of the Stack in Boiler Room
(Matching tags: equipment)
It is the copper name plate for showing the manufacturer’s name of the stack in boiler room.
5. Chemistry Balance
(Matching tags: equipment)
Chemistry balance was used for mixing and measuring the weight of medicine.
6. Dentistry Clinical Treatment Chair
(Matching tags: equipment)
The dentistry clinical treatment chair was for patient seat. By using the simple mechanism, it is easily for dentist to adjust the position of ......
7. Colorful-Duplex Sonography
(Matching tags: equipment)
This is the first colorful-Duplex sonography equipment in NTUH purchased in 1986. It is also the earliest Duplex sonography in the world. ...... ...
8. Childbirth Simulator
(Matching tags: equipment)
Childbirth simulator is educational tool for Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The infant model was put in the front of the hand wheel and  ......
9. Crucible
(Matching tags: equipment)
Crucible is the very common device in most of the laboratories in past time. Its purpose is for concentration or heating dry the samples. ......
10. The Billboard for On-Duty Table
(Matching tags: equipment)
It’s purpose is for the record of staff on-duty status. The upper portion should have the blackboard to mark the notice and event, but it lost now. ......