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1. Earthenware Pot (Paiwan, Taiwan)
(Matching tags: aborigine,pottery,earthenware,Paiwan)
Most Paiwan earthenware pots are unglazed and high fired, in round shape with either flat or slightly concave bottoms. Patterns are created by pressing or carving into the soft clay body, or by modeling ...
2. Paiwan Male Earthenware Pot
(Matching tags: aborigine,pottery,earthenware,Paiwan)
The Paiwan tribe is mostly concentrated in the southern section of the Central Mountain Range in Sandimen, Majia, Taiwu, Laiyi, Chunri, Shizi, Mudan and Manzhou townships in Pingtung County, as well as ...
3. 3D Exhibition of TEES
(Matching tags: earthenware,earthquake fish,shovel bug,tatala boat)
  3D Exhibition of TEES ( Flash 10 required) What is TEES? It stands for the four stories that we composed for you on the Tatala Boat, the Earthenware, the Earthquake Fish, and the Shovel Bug. ...
4. Anthropomorphic Jar
(Matching tags: earthenware,vessel)
The lip of the rim of the anthropomorphic jar was repaired. The body of the vase curves in at the neck and near the bottom....
5. Earthenware in human shape (陶偶)
(Matching tags: earthenware,figurine)
The earthenware in human shape was excavated in the Shih Sang Hang site. The left ear and arm have already lost. Even the whole figure are imperfect, we can still observe that this earthenware was carefully ...
6. Earthenware vessel with human face (人面陶罐)
(Matching tags: earthenware,vessel)
This vessel is excavated in the Shih San Hang Site. The surface is decorated with circle shape and dot pattern. There is also a vivid human face in the body....