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1. The New Face of Farming and Fishery
(Matching tags: agriculture,fishing,development)
... to industrial development, ......  ...
2. The Many Splendors of Taiwan
(Matching tags: culture,development)
Taiwan has emerged as one of the world's leading producers of high-tech products, including computer monitors, motherboards, keyboards, and other components. Politically, the Republic of China's 23 million ...
3. Memories of the Farm
(Matching tags: KMT,development,JCRR)
After retreating to Taiwan, the Republic of China's (ROC) Kuomintang government became determined to improve the people's lives. In addition to building basic infrastructure and implementing social and ...
4. Maritime Taiwan
(Matching tags: god,culture,development,maritime,goddess)
... nations benefited from this development. The birth of Taiwan, an island in the West Pacific, was closely connected to the ocean, ......  ...
5. Human labor
(Matching tags: development,labor)
In its early years, Taiwan still depended on human labor. The picture shows two workers wearing bamboo hats pushing baskets of goods along a rail.
6. The Union Building in Taipei
(Matching tags: development,Union Building)
Pictured is the exterior of the "Union Building," which houses many organizations from the United States. Now the building has been torn down and rebuilt into Offshore Banking Branch, Bank of ...
7. Pursuing Excellence: Eighty Years of Academic Sinica
(Matching tags: development,Academia Sinica,research)
This special exhibition was put together through the Archives of the Institute of Modern History ( with ...
8. Songshan Historical Tobacco Building
(Matching tags: development,Songshan Tobacco Factory)
Digitization of the Collection of Historical Documents during the Japanese Colonial Period through Early Taiwanese Retrocession In 1937 (the 12th year of Shiaowa Reign), the Taiwan Sotokufu Monopoly ...
9. Riding the Currents of History
(Matching tags: development,documents,papermaking,printing)
... and Technology“ intricately features the evolution and development of human civilization. From body language to the birth of writing systems, from ......    ...