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1. Bronze money molds
(Matching tags: bronzes,currency)
When Wong Mang was the throne, there were too many different currencies, causing inconvenience. In total there were four currency unifications. The one that lasted the longest was  “Daquanwushi”. ...
2. Silver ingot, casted with Chinese characters on both sides
(Matching tags: currency,silver,Yuan dynasty)
This provincial silver ingot, weighing more than nineteen hundred grams, was the official currency of the Yuan dynasty. As you can see, it is shaped like a flat weight. On the front of the silver ingot ...
3. Ship-shaped silver ingot, casted with three Chinese characters
(Matching tags: currency,silver,Song dynasty)
The shapes of silver ingots in the Song dynasty do not have a particular style. They can be long and flat, kidney shaped, or boat shaped. Of these, kidney shaped was the most popular style, and probably ...
4. Knife-Shaped Bronze Currency
(Matching tags: bronzes,Zhou dynasty,Spring and Autumn Period,currency,Warring States Period)
Knife-shaped currency originates from the jadeite knife of the stone age. The knife was used as a weapon for self-defense, for hunting and in daily life. Therefore, at the time, the knife itself had monetary ...
5. Chin Ban-liang ( bronze currency of the Chin Dynasty)
(Matching tags: bronzes,currency)
Early in the period of the Warring States, the Qin Ban Liang currency came into circulation. Later, Emperor Qin unified the six kingdoms, discontinuing the different national currencies, and used the Qin ...
6. Bu (spade-shaped with pointed feet bronze currency)
(Matching tags: Zhou dynasty,currency)
... of monetary currency in China.The earliest currency was made by imitating the shape of a spade. ...  ...