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1. Lien-Hua, a 46 Foot Powered Sailing Vessel
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Yachts are mainly used for recreation, tourism, exercise or competition. The yacht building business in Taiwan is famous throughout the world. The production amount of Mega yachts in 2005 was the fifth ...
2. The "Amphion"
(Matching tags: craft,cruise liner)
This tall, graceful and speedy two-masted schooner was built in 1778 in Djurgarden, Stockholm for the use and enjoyment of King Gustave , the first naval architect to reduce hull construction to precise ...
3. Gondola
(Matching tags: craft,cruise liner,gondola)
The Gondola is a flat-bottomed boat propelled by a single oar. Gondolas are most often seen in the canals of Venice , Italy , expertly maneuvered by their operator scalled Gondoliers. The Gondola pictured ...
4. The "Yacht Mary"
(Matching tags: craft,cruise liner)
Built in the Netherlands for the Dutch East India Company in 1660, the Yacht Mary was presented as a gift to King Charles II of England . As the distinctive leeboards indicate, Yacht Mary was built especially ...
5. The "Royal Caroline"
(Matching tags: craft,cruise liner)
Built in 1749 at a shipyard in Deptford , England , an industrial area southeast of London , the elegantly appointed Royal Caroline was designed for the British royal family. Her long and venerable career ...