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1. Ju Ware Bowl in the Shape of a Lotus
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,Northern Sung,celadon,ceramics)
This ten-lobed lotus bowl has gently curved sides, a subtly flaring rim, smooth transition from one petal lobe to the next, and a relatively tall ring foot. The blue-green glaze, from rim to the base, ...
2. Green: Longquan Celadon of the Ming Dynasty
(Matching tags: celadon,ceramics,Longquan,Ming dynasty)
Longquan wares were celadon produced at the hundreds of kilns near Lungquan area in southwestern part of Zhejiang province, China. By the Song dynasty (960-1279), artisans had established the Longquan ...
3. The Legend of Ju Ware
(Matching tags: Northern Sung,celadon,Ju ware,ceramics)
Ju ware ceramics from the Northern Sung period (960-1127) are exceptionally rare, with no more than 70 pieces surviving in the entire world. Of them, the National Palace Museum houses about 21 pieces, ...