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1. Principal Particulars of 28,000 DWMT Bulk Carrier
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,cargo ship)
The engines of this older style bulk cargo carrier built in the shipyards of Taiwan develop 11550 brake horse power to achieve a cruising speed of 15 knots. Her cruising range is 18000 miles. She uses ...
2. The "Ever Glory"
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,cargo ship)
This 10000-ton break-bulk carrier is one of the cargo ships that helped Evergreen Marine Corporation establish its business. Ever Glory is diesel-powered and cruises at about 15 knots. The bridge is near ...
3. The "Ever Trust"
(Matching tags: craft,steamship,cargo ship)
Ever Trust is a high speed, supremely functional, multi-purpose dry cargo ship belonging to Evergreen Marine Corporation. In 1984, she was remodeled as a navigation training ship. Ever Trust carries the ...