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1. Square Sandalwood Curio Box (with 30 curios inside)
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,box,wood)
When closed, this curio box looks like a plain container. The advantage to this type is that it does not take up much space in storage.  ......  ...
2. Small Rectangular Painted Lacquer Container
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,box,lacquer)
This small set of Japanese lacquered boxes includes three small boxes and a shallow dish.  ......  ...
3. Handled Ivory Openwork Container
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,ivory,box)
The body of this handled food container is divided into four levels, into which different kinds of food can be placed. ......
4. Gilt Champleve Enameled Container
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,box,enamel)
Highlighted against a backdrop of decoration in two dense levels of gold workmanship  .......
5. Filigree Cloisonné Box with Lotus Motif
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,Ming dynasty,box,enamel)
This lotus cloisonné box is composed of filigree work on a copper body. ......  ...
6. Filled Lacquered Peony Box
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,Ming dynasty,box,lacquer)
This round box has a flat top, straight sides, and a slightly concave base. ......  ...
7. Bamboo-veneered Curio Box with Lotuses
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,box,wood)
This round curio box has been joined by bamboo thread and a “chu-huang” bamboo veneer, carved with lotuses, applied to the outer surface. ......  ...
8. Paiwan Shaman's Box
(Matching tags: aborigine,Paiwan,box)
This is a box used by the shamans of the Paiwan tribe and referred to as kanepochi or anepochi in that tribe’s native language. These boxes were mostly made from wood. They served as containers for ...