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1. Tamsui Customs Wharf
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,pier)
The Customs Wharf used to be the base of the navy force in the Ch’ing Dynasty.
2. Tamsui Foreigner Cemetery
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,cemetery)
In the nineteenth century, Tamsui was one of the major trading ports in Taiwan, attracting many foreigners to the region for business or missionary work.
3. Tamsui Meteorological Observatory
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,observatory)
The Tamsui Meteorological Observatory was erected together with the Riverside Airport in 1937  ......
4. Tamsui Seadrome
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,airport)
During the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War in 1937, the Air-Mail Bureau of Japanese Government in Taiwan
5. Mackay Cemetery
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,Mackay,cemetery)
Dr. George Leslie Mackay, a revered priest, was recognized as a pioneer of the Presbyterian Church in the northern region of Taiwan.
6. Tamsui Fu You Temple
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,temple)
The Fu You Temple stands opposite the Kuanyin Mountain across the Tamsui River.
7. Tamsui Longshan Temple
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,temple)
The Longshan Temple was originally built in the 1850s, but it was said to be destroyed by an earthquake shortly after.
8. Oxford College
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,Mackay,college)
In 1880, the missionary Dr. MacKay was recalled to his duty in Canada to recount his eight-year preaching experience in Taiwan.
9. Tamsui Fort San Domingo
(Matching tags: architecture,Tamsui,fort)
The Fort San Domingo was initially built in 1628 by the Spanich with mud, bamboo and wood during their occupation in Tamsui.
10. Chen Chi-kwan, The Mind’s Eye- Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of His Birth
(Matching tags: art,painting,architecture,Chen Chi-kwan)
... and his whole family ended up moving from place to place, finally settling along with the seat of government in Chongqing, Sichuan Province, where he studied architecture at Central University. ...  ...
11. Main pillar
(Matching tags: aborigine,Paiwan,architecture)
The main pillar is also called the ancestral pillar. This was the most important part of chiefs’ houses (Paiwan, Rukai and Puyuma tribes) and a symbol of status. Only chiefs had the right to use ...