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1. "Hsien Fu" Ting Ritual Vessel
(Matching tags: vessel,Zhou dynasty,rare books)
A cooking vessel (鮮父鼎) from the Zhou Dynasty. ...... ...
2. Huang (a semi-annular jade pendant)
(Matching tags: jade,Zhou dynasty)
Made in white jade, this artifact has some yellows spots and brown permeation spots; there are also cinnabar and soil permeation spots on some parts. Shaped as Huang, this artifact has small rectangles ...
3. Jade jue slit ring
(Matching tags: jade,Zhou dynasty,Spring and Autumn Period)
Made with sapphire and white jade, this artifact was broken in two upon excavation and later restored to its original circular shape. With a hole in its middle, this artifact is shaped like a small Bi, ...
4. Knife-Shaped Bronze Currency
(Matching tags: bronzes,Zhou dynasty,Spring and Autumn Period,currency,Warring States Period)
Knife-shaped currency originates from the jadeite knife of the stone age. The knife was used as a weapon for self-defense, for hunting and in daily life. Therefore, at the time, the knife itself had monetary ...
5. Bu (spade-shaped with pointed feet bronze currency)
(Matching tags: Zhou dynasty,currency)
This blank Bu coin with its high shoulders, hollow head and pointy foot is from the East Zhou dynasty. The manufacture is perfect. It has a simple antique look, and a large example of the early stages ...
6. Ding for offering sacrifices
(Matching tags: bronzes,tripod,Shang dynasty,Zhou dynasty,Spring and Autumn Period)
The tripod is the most important bronze ritual implement in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. It was used in the higher level ritual ceremonies and banquets, and was a cooking implement. This “Lao tripod” ...