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1. A Palace Concert
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,painting,Tang dynasty)
This painting shows ten ladies of the inner court sitting around a large rectangular table. Some enjoy tea, while others drink wine. The four figures at the far end seem to be responsible for playing music ...
2. Painted Ceramic Lady
(Matching tags: ceramics,craft,figurine,Tang dynasty)
The remarkable part of the Glazed Lady is that there remains a lot of paint, bright as new, on the figurine. This includes the red rouge on the cheeks, the green color of the cuffs, the brown color of ...
3. White Jade Bi Xie
(Matching tags: jade,figurine,Tang dynasty)
Originally made from white and sapphire jade, this artifact is corroded and becomes dark brown. Shaped as the Bi Xie, an imaginary beast believed to be exorcising the evil spirits, this artifact depicts ...
4. Tri-colored glazed pottery, groom
(Matching tags: pottery,figurine,Tang dynasty)
Based in white and low-melting glaze, this figure stands slantwise on a rectangular plate. He wears putou hat; his long clothes had turndown collar and contracted sleeves. His waist is girt with scarf, ...
5. Tri-colored Lokapala figure
(Matching tags: pottery,figurine,Tang dynasty)
This figurine is a Tang Dynasty painted pottery god, unearthed in Luoying, Henan in 1928. In the large tombs in Tang dynasty, the burial objects are generally statues of gods, generals, scholars, and tomb ...
6. Tri-colored horse
(Matching tags: pottery,figurine,Tang dynasty)
The head of this tri-color horse is small and facing left; its body is plump yet hollow, with four legs standing stately on a rectangular plate. The horse bears a saddle-like ornament, decorated with heart-shape ...
7. Tri-colored glazed pottery, camel
(Matching tags: pottery,figurine,Tang dynasty)
The famous”Silk Road”was the main overland route between China and the west.It passed through a series of deserts,in which camel were a vital means of transport,a fact borne out by the large ...
8. Tri-colored glazed pottery, camel
(Matching tags: pottery,figurine,Tang dynasty)
This tricolor camel is based in white and glazed in tricolor. Its torso hollow, it stands on a rectangular plate. Its head lifted, its eyes fully open, the camel opens its mouth and poses in neighing posture. ...
9. Tri-colored chimera with double horns
(Matching tags: pottery,figurine,Tang dynasty,chimera)
There are many imaginary animals in the artistic work of Tang Dynasty, the most famous of which is this Tri-color Double-horn Chimera. Generally, these imaginary animals come with bearded human face and ...
10. New Revised Imprint of Tu Fus Poetry with Annotations
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,Tu Fu,Tang dynasty,poetry,Sung dynasty)
... periods of the Tang dynasty. ...  ...