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1. Rukai Necklace
(Matching tags: aborigine,accessory,Rukai)
This was worn by both men and women of the Rukai tribe. The Rukai tribe seldom used green beads, which is different from the glass bead decorations of the Paiwan tribe. This necklace features 3 or 4 beads ...
2. Rukai Men's Long Shirt
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Rukai)
Variations in clothing of the Rukai tribe depend on the occasion and the age of the wearer. Clothing was decorated with patterns that were based on social class. In general, married women and the elders ...
3. Shield of Rukai People
(Matching tags: Rukai,shield)
Acquired by Chen, Hsian-Meng Wang, Renying (Wutai, Pingtung County)  Collected by Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan The specimen was pieced together by two woodblocks. ...