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1. Lepidoptera-Staurniidae
(Matching tags: insect,Lepidoptera,moth,Staurniidae)
The Atlas moth is a large moth found in the tropical and subtropical of Oriental region. ......
2. Lepidoptera-Papilionidae
(Matching tags: insect,butterfly,Lepidoptera,Papilionidae)
Birdwings are large, tropical papilionid butterflies native to southteast Asia and Australasia ......
3. Lepidoptera-Nymphalidae
(Matching tags: insect,butterfly,Lepidoptera,Nymphalidae)
The Idea species are relatively larger butterflies. There are more than one hundred species ......
4. Lepidoptera-Sphingidae and Zygaenidae
(Matching tags: insect,Lepidoptera,moth,Sphingidae,Zygaenidae)
Lepidoptera is one of the biggest orders among Insecta, and most of them are moths. ...... ...
5. Lepidoptera
(Matching tags: insect,butterfly,Lepidoptera,moth)
The butterflies and moths are common insects and well known to everyone. ......