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1. Zhisheng Zongshi (The Great Sage and Teacher, Confucius)
(Matching tags: god,Confucius,print)
This picture of Confucius, the Great Sage and Teacher, is worshiped in old-style village schools. In the picture, Confucius is wearing official garment and holding a tablet. On his sides stand the Four ...
2. Confucius meeting with Lao Tzu
(Matching tags: rubbing,Han dynasty,Confucius,Lao Tzu,tomb,shrine)
This rubbing was made from a Han stele by Tung Tso-pin in Shantung in l933. It is the other side of the same stone (no. 27073). In the two lower grids Confucius is depicted meeting with Lao Tzu and Hsiang ...
3. King Father of the East, Disciples of Confucius and Chariots
(Matching tags: art,Han dynasty,Confucius,tomb,shrine)
... three-footed birds as well as other birds and strange animals. In the middle panel are the disciples of Confucius among whom the one wearing a cockscomb is Tzu Lu. These Confucian figures reflect the ideological ...