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1. Bunun Necklace
(Matching tags: aborigine,accessory,Bunun)
These beads had widespread use among the Bunun tribe such as in bracelets, earrings and leg ornaments. They were small in size so usually were strung together. The central strand of this necklace features ...
2. Bunun men's sleeved short shirt
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Bunun)
This type of shirt is called putch in the Bunun language. It measures 139 cm horizontally and 41 centimeters vertically. On either side are sleeves made from black cotton cloth that measure 34.5 and 34 ...
3. Bunun shirt
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Bunun)
Among the Bunun tribe, weaving was women’s work only and men were strictly prohibited from it. Clothing was made from woven cloth and animal hides. To make cloth, raw plant materials had to be cultivated, ...
4. Black skirt of Bunun People
(Matching tags: clothing,Bunun,skirt)
Acquired by Chiu, Chi-Chien (Chuo-si, Hua-lian County) Collected by Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan The skirt was made of black cloth featuring two waist bands. Three trims ...