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1. Atayal Knife
(Matching tags: aborigine,Atayal,knife)
A knife was one of the essential accessories of an indigenous male. The males of the Atayal, Paiwan, Puyuma, Amis, Saisiyat and Tsou tribes all carried knives. For the indigenous peoples living in the ...
2. Atayal Women's Carrying Basket
(Matching tags: aborigine,Atayal,basket)
Taiwans indigenous peoples made many of their everyday use items from local plant materials such as bamboo, dried gourd, rattan, wood, coconut shells and leaves. Among them, bamboo was the most widely ...
3. Atayal Cloth
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Atayal)
Four pieces of woven cloth each measuring approximately 24 centimeters in width and approximately 73 centimeters in length were sewn together. Vertical seams reach a width of approximately five centimeters. ...
4. Atayal Chest Ornament
(Matching tags: aborigine,accessory,Atayal)
This shell bead chest ornament was worn by the males of the Atayal tribe during the celebration following a successful headhunting expedition. It would continue to be worn for several months afterward ...
5. Atayal Beishiqun Women's Shirt
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Atayal)
This shirt is from the Atayal tribe that resided along the Daan River. During the Japanese occupation of Taiwan (1895-1945), this group of the Atayal tribe was called Beishiqun (Beishi group). The Atayal ...
6. Atayal shell bead shirt
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Atayal)
This type of shell bead shirt is referred to as lukkus-kaxa or lukkus-pintoan in the Atayal language, meaning precious or valuable clothing. The word “lukkus” refers to clothing and “kaxa’”, ...
7. Atayal copper bell shirt
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Atayal)
The copper bell shirt was considered a type of formal wear among the Atayal tribe. It was deemed of high value, similar to the shell bead shirt, and was worn during important ceremonies, especially during ...
8. Atayal Men's shirt
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Atayal)
Traditionally, the clothing of Taiwans indigenous tribes was very simple in shape and form. Cloth was woven in rectangular shapes. Two pieces of cloth were sown together. Then, the two sides were folded ...
9. Atayal wedding gown
(Matching tags: aborigine,clothing,Atayal)
This wedding gown is of the style of the Atayal tribe currently living in Taian Township of Miaoli County, along the upper reaches of the Daan River. During the Japanese occupation of Taiwan (1895-1945), ...
10. Lukus kaha of Atayal People
(Matching tags: clothing,Atayal)
Acquired by Lin, Hen-li (1957,  Nanao, Yilan County) Collected by Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan Weaved with cowries and small brass bells,.......