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Lysimachia ardisioides Masam. (PRIMULACEAE)台灣排香

Tags: endemic | plant


Lysimachia ardisioides Masam. (PRIMULACEAE) 台灣排香


The genus Lysimachia comprises about 180 species mainly in temperate and subtropical regions of the northern Hemisphere. A number of them are medicinal herbs. Eleven species are known from Taiwan, of which four are endemic. Lysimachia ardisioides was published as a new species by Prof. Genkei Masamune in 1932. It occurs at 500 to 2,700 m altitude in broadleaf forests in Taiwan. The erect herb is about 15-50 cm tall with axillary, bright yellow flowers on a pendent peduncle 3-5cm long. Flowering season is from April to June. Its capsules are creamy white, globose.

Photo by De-sheng Hsu
Legend by Ching-I Peng & Maolun Weng
Digital Archives of Indigenous Plants of Taiwan, Academia Sinica

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