What a wonderful word--The beauty of ORACLE!


The Inscription of oracle bone is a earliest writing system as the root of the Chinese character, which already has 3000 years of history. The Chinese writing system is now not only used by the Chinese around the world, even as Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian countries also applied the Chinese writing system as a part of their chultural heritage. Very few people know is that, due to the trend of history, Taiwan turned out to house the world largest collection of oracle bones! To assist the culture-loving people around the world to understand the historical and cultural value of the inscription of oracle bones, the National Cultural Association has produced "What a wonderful word--The beauty of ORACLE!" We welcome you to start a journey through time and culture!


What a Wonderful Word! The Beauty of Oracle (by National Cultural Association)

Text and video are provided by TELDAP e-Newsletter (June, 2010)