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Name: Hornblende
Locality: Tatunshan Area, northern Taiwan
Size & weight: 2.45g
Chemical Class: Silicates
Chemical Formula:
Crystal System: Monoclinic system
Hardness: 5.0- 6.0
Fracture: Uneven
Cleavage: Good
Streak: Greenish gray or brownish gray or white
Common Appearance: Prismatic crystal
Luster: Vitreous luster
Color: Dark green, dark brown to black
Specific Gravity: 3.0-3.4
Hornblende is an important rock-forming mineral of wide distribution. Hornblende occurs in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Hornblende is a characteristic mineral in metamorphic rocks of intermediate grade (amphibolite).
NTU Digital Archives of Geosciences Department, National Taiwan University