Native Gold

Tags: mineral

Name: Native Gold
Locality: Chinkuashih mine, Rueifang, Taiwan
Chemical Class: Native element
Chemical Formula: Au
Crystal System: Isometric system
Hardness: 2.5-3
Fracture: Hackly
Cleavage: Poor
Streak: Gold
Common Appearance: Granular, massive, flaky, or dendritic
Luster: Metallic luster
Color: Golden yellow
Specific Gravity: 19.3
Naturally occurring native gold frequently contains silver and other metal. Native gold mainly occurs in quartz veins, or may accumulate to form placer deposits. Native gold is mostly distributed in the general areas of Jiufeng- Chinkuashih and the Central Mountain Range. At one time in the past, Chinguashi had been the top gold producer in southeast Asia in the past.
NTU Digital Archives of Geosciences Department, National Taiwan University