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Notice Warns of Gambling in Groups

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Main title: Notice Warns of Gambling in Groups
Date: Unkown
Subject Matter: Administration—civil administration
Description: The subprefect of Tamsui, Chen Xing-ju issued the notice warns of gambling under the orders of Fujian Province Governor Wang Kai-tai.
Collection: Tan-Hsin Archive


Gambling has been banned in China for many years. According to laws relating to the board of punishment in The Great Qing Code, anyone who gambles should wear the cangue for two months and receive 100 lashes by heavy bamboo, those who run gambling houses and gamble in groups for the first time should receive 100 lashes by heavy bamboo and penal servitude of three years, those who relapsed should receive 100 lashes by heavy bamboo and be exiled 3000 li (Chinese mile). Through jingles, Fujian Province Governor Wang Kai-tai detailed the prison term of gamblers and the disadvantages of gambling, in hopes to warn the general public not to be brought to ruin because of moments of greed. Children who can recite these jingles are rewarded.
Because of the poor literacy rate in the Qing Dynasty, the words the government used when promoting policies were very simple, hoping to circulate the news widely to the general public.

National Taiwan University Library, National Taiwan University

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