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Respect Should be Paid to Papers and Characters

Tags: documents | Tan-Hsin Archive


Main title: Restrictions
Date: Unkown
Subject Matter: Administration—civil administration
Collection: Tan-Hsin Archive


Owing to the Legend of Cang Jie’s Chinese Character Creation as well as the fact that papers and characters are mediums the sages use to educate the following generations, ancient people showed particular respect for papers and characters. It was understood that they should not be burned at will but should be gathered to the Pavilion of Respecting Characters to be burned. This document has 37 rules drawn up by Hsinchu County National School student, Zhang Ji-chuan and government students, Zhang De-xuan and Peng Gui-pei and applied to Fujian Province Governor Cen Yu-ying, asking Hsinchu County to set up a stele to enforce the prohibition.
The rules incorporate all cases to admonish all trades and professions that waste paper and disrespect characters, such as using papers that have characters on wrapping paper and trading papers that have characters for money. This demonstrates the respect traditional intellectuals had for characters.

National Taiwan University Library, National Taiwan University