A List of Plants from Formosa (by Augustine Henry)

Tags: flora of Taiwan | plant


Irish doctor Augustine Henry came to Taiwan to carry out large-scale plants collecting work in the years of 1892-1895. The geographical coverage is mainly in southern Taiwan, including Takow (Kaohsiung), Ape's Hill(Shoushan), Zhuang Bankin-sing (Wanjin), South Cape (Eluanpi), Tainan, Anping and Danshuei. All specimens collected are stored in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew in the United Kingdom. Co-specimens were sent to the prestigious herbariums in Europe and the United States for taxonomy research. He then published A List of Plants from Formosa in Tokyo in 1896. This publication documented the information of Taiwan’s indigenous plant species, collected by European explorers since 1854, which is the earliest and most systematic publication about the flora of Taiwan. The sum total of the plant collection in this book is 1,347 species including 628 genera and 1,288 species of phanerogams (of which are 81 species from cultivation and 20 species of from naturalization), and 149 species of cryptogams.

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