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Flora of Taiwan, 2nd Edition

Tags: flora of Taiwan | plant


The National Science Council asked Professor Tseng-chieng Huang to take in charge of the revision of Flora of Taiwan in 1984. The editors of the second edition of Flora of Taiwan were composed of about 100 scholars, mainly from Taiwan but also including scholars from the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, and China. The publication is written in English, a total of six volumes of completion from 1993 to 2003 in nearly twelve years. The content of this edition includes the accepted names and synonyms, descriptions of all taxa, indented dichotomous keys to different taxa, citation of herbarium collections, geographical ranges and habitats, bibliographical references, illustrations and color photographs, directory, and index of total 4,339 species. Including 1,067 endemic species in Taiwan, there are 4,077 of indigenous species and 262 naturalized and important introduced species documented in the publication. The second edition of Flora of Taiwan also incorporates detail descriptions of the vegetation, uniqueness of flora, and chromosomal information in the documentation. In 2004, the second edition of Flora of Taiwan was awarded "Engler Silver Medal" by International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT).

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