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Flora of Taiwan, 1st Edition

Tags: flora of Taiwan | plant


In January 1969, the United States and Taiwan governments signed an official agreement of academic collaboration to publish the first edition of Flora of Taiwan. The editorial committee was founded in 1973 and composed of five professors: Hui-lin Li, Tang-shui Liu, Tseng-chieng Huang, Tetso Koyama and Charles. E. Devol. This edition of Flora of Taiwan, completed and published between 1975 and 1979, includes six volumes. There are 562 pages in Volume One, 722 pages in Volume Two, 1,000 pages in Volume Three, 994 pages in Volume Four, 1,166 pages in Volume Five, 665 pages in Volume Six, and more than 5,000 pages in total. The contents include the accepted names and synonyms, descriptions of all taxa, indented dichotomous keys to different taxa, citation of herbarium collections, geographical ranges and habitats, bibliographical references, illustrations and color photographs, directory, and index, covering 233 families, 1,355 genera and 4,220 species of indigenous vascular plants in Taiwan. Written in English, the publication is not only the most completed inventory of vascular plants in Taiwan but also a major achievement and a collaborate work of Taiwanese scholars in plant taxonomy. It is a useful reference book for researchers working on natural resources management, agriculture and forestry industry, education and academic research. It also works as providing a reference to the second edition of Flora of Taiwan. Because the publication is already out of print, the digitization of the first edition of Flora of Taiwan for further online searching, browsing and downloading seems to be right for the time.

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