Digitizing the Past, Creating the Future---The Digital Archives Projects of National Taiwan University



National Taiwan University (NTU) is the oldest research institute devoted to diverse fieldworks and houses one of the most comprehensive records of natural and cultural history in Taiwan.  Since 2002, NTU has initiated a digital project to archiving the research heritage in order to preserve and to broaden public access to the legacy holdings.  It is a collaborative effort involving a wide variety of content and data types, reflective of the many research specialties in the university.  We have created digital contents and databases, from anthropology to zoology, representing the rich cultural and biological diversity of Taiwan.  Intensive information technology and resource-sharing information systems have been utilized to achieve interoperability and to bring coherence to the digital preservation services.  It not only allows university faculty and students drawing upon the collections to enrich learning and researches but also serves a wider audience. 

1. Extensive Digital Collections
◎Provision of more than 100,000 valuable contents, from anthropology to zoology
◎Construction of diverse theme databases
◎Interoperability among heterogeneous collections

2. Value-added Applications
 ◎Developing digital archives curriculum framework
 ◎Promoting cooperation with private sectors
 ◎Implementing digital museums for extension education
3. International Cooperation
 ◎Providing English contents to broaden access
 ◎Exchanging information and Data with international content holders
 ◎Presenting research papers/posters in international conferences

4. Technology Development
 ◎Developing tools and methodology for higher education
 ◎Maintaining digital archives standards and robust tools
 ◎Enhancing D2K (data to knowledge) research

5. Sustainable Management
 ◎Investing University Research Center for digital archives studies
 ◎Fostering interdisciplinary laboratories and research groups
 ◎Developing institutional policies that foster openness and access


The Digital Archives Projects of National Taiwan University