NO.1, University, Taiwan


Currently, there are many historical documents and artifacts that still hold much value for present society.  These excerpts of history silently exist among us, but who will unearth these valuable messages?  They are still dispersed over a wide area, but who will renew these artifacts?  Since the Japanese colonial period, National Taiwan University, then Taihoku Imperial University, started to collect and preserve precious documents and artifacts pertaining to Taiwanese culture.  After much effort to preserve these materials, with the digitization of these archives, we can create new value for these artifacts so that its historical worth may be inherited by the people.  The digitization project has been a culmination of the collaboration of experts to preserve artifacts, so that they may be readily accessible to the public for a deeper understanding and appreciation of 100 years worth of Taiwanese natural and cultural history.  Like a history book, the digital archives should act like a bridge to connect our rich past to the present.  We hope that you will open this book to discover the treasures within.

National Taiwan University,  Research Center for Digital Humanities